A reassuringly safe space.

I want to help wonderfully imperfect people feel lots more wonderful & care a lot less about being imperfect.

My coaching work is all about creating a safe space where you’ll learn to shift your thinking, get into action and unlock access to your very own bloody great life.

Together we’ll go on an enlightening, uplifting and inspiring adventure to explore who you are and what you need in order find more balance and contentment – within yourself and your life.

In our coaching sessions, I’ll encourage you to work through 4 stages: getting Curious, being Conscious, finding Compassion and, with quiet confidence, moving towards Change.

You’ll discover what’s truly important to you and how your (very well practiced) patterns of thinking are driving the way that you feel.

After a session you’ll feel that you’ve emptied out a lot of the stuff that’s been holding you back and dragging you down – mentally, you’ll feel so much lighter.

You’ll learn how to create some more headspace so that you can be more resilient, more present and, most importantly, more content. And you’ll learn new skills that you’ll be able to access long after we’re finished working together.

I’m committed to ensuring that working with me will lighten your load, bring you more clarity and confidence, empower you to take back control and support you in working out your way forward.

“Hana is friendly, kind, a fantastic listener and down to earth. She doesn’t tell you what she thinks you want to hear or what to do but, instead, helps you find clarity for yourself which gave me a real sense of ownership and direction.

Working with someone who wasn’t part of my friendship group or family definitely helped me find a different perspective. I also really valued the summary emails she sends after each meeting – in fact, I still refer back to them today.

I feel like Hana has helped me realise that, often, all the wisdom I need is already within us. But that, sometimes, we just need that helping hand (someone just like Hana) to help us find it.”

Lex, London

I can give you the opportunity to evolve into the next amazing version of you.

I want to take you on a journey


Out of whack


Well aligned

Working with me is not about changing who you are but enhancing what you’ve already got.

Why I believe coaching with me works:

The main reasons why I think coaching is so powerful is that it’s non-judgmental, dedicated time to focus on you, where you’re encouraged to be positive and look forward and you can be held to account for what you say you’re going to do.

You’ll find my style of coaching a blend between super supportive and kindly challenging. I’m even known to one client as “the lovely stranger”.

At times it will feel easy, at times a real struggle, at times quite deep and at times quite fun. Throughout you’ll be being supported by someone who’s been there and who gets it.

And it’s not actually all about the time we spend together. Most of my clients are ‘reflectors’ so the digestion and percolation process in between sessions is super valuable.

That’s why after every meeting I take the time to write you a comprehensive email which summarises our conversation, extracts the juice and prompts both high quality thinking and, most importantly, action.

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· Permission to download/brain dump (not for the whole session mind)
· We’ll get curious about your ways of thinking
· You’ll learn to become more of an observer of your thoughts
· I’ll help you extract what’s really important
· And encourage you to ditch the rest
· You’ll make some conscious purposeful choices
· We’ll work out what small steps you want to take into action
· You’ll probably have a bit of a laugh at yourself (and probably me)
· I’ll encourage you to see it all as practice, to be playful with it
· You’ll digest and reflect and we’ll review together

What do I know about my clients?

They are smart. In fact, their brains are often supercharged. There’s a lot of work going on up there, it’s a busy place, and sometimes that’s getting in the way of living life fully.

They set high expectations for themselves and often expect a lot from their life. As a result, they’re prone to feeling they’re not doing well enough, that they’re not ‘good enough’ and struggle to accept things as they are in the present moment.

They are big, deep thinkers – they’re more naturally comfortable in this thinking space than they are at getting into action and just giving things a go.

They tend to get bogged down in the quest for more information, for more certainty, for the one thing that will unlock their full confidence and the belief that they’re ‘ready enough’ to take action.

They might recognise themselves, or may even be described by others, as an overthinker.

They worry about the future, how things are going to play out, will things be ok and this often causes them to not be fully present with what they have and what they’re experiencing in the here and now.

In the back of their mind, they’re worried about whether their mood and health is being compromised and the impact this may be having on their family, other close relationships and work.

They want to establish a way forward and they need to create more headspace in order to do this. Then they want some skills and tools which they can use going forwards to manage themselves better.

Fundamentally, they’ve decided that they’re sick of the repetitive internal chatter that confuses them and undermines their confidence.

They’re ready to take back control.

“I was recommended Hana by a friend when I was feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in my career, dealing with a few issues and slightly wondering about life.

I really enjoyed working with Hana, found her very helpful and, in particular, liked her open approach which made me feel that I could really talk to her about anything. She helped me think through things in a very clear way and helped me see the big picture rather than focusing only on small issues that sometimes cloud my thinking.

I continue to turn to Hana now when I want to talk things through with someone trusted but independent and she is always thoughtful, patient and responsive in her approach.

One happy customer!”

Katherine, Putney

Coaching with me is right for you, right now, if:

You’re… feeling stuck, uncertain or overwhelmed

You’ve… been here for a while (& are over it)

You’re… ready for a shift

You’re… open to trying something new

You’re… willing to ask for a helping hand

You… want to take back control & get into action

Feeling stuck usually means that things are about to get interesting.

Ready to do this?

Here’s how we can start our journey together:

The First Step

A 90 min session

A quick but firm boost into action

The Journey

4 x 90 min sessions

A reflective safari to get curious, explore you & make change

The Giant Leap

VIP day + 3 session follow up

Let’s go deep & get up to our elbows in you

You are not your thoughts and you have a choice.
You can choose to be an observer.
You can choose when to step in, to intervene, to challenge the stories that are being created.

You can choose what’s true.

“Hana caught my attention at a networking event when she talked about helping people who feel ‘stuck’ due to the thoughts in their head and issues that they can’t get past. In my career I have had some fairly big ‘stuck’ moments that have taken me a while to get over. More recently I have set up my own business and that hasn’t been without it’s hiccups.

I had just one session with Hana – we managed to cover an incredible amount and dealt with all the big themes around which I needed clarity. I’d never done anything like this before but I quickly felt comfortable to open up about my issues and concerns – in fact, I think I even enjoyed it.

Hana is really easy to talk to, takes lots of notes so you don’t have to (which really helped me focus on my thinking), is very considered and knows when and how to make you dig deep to get to the heart of something.

A few days after our session Hana shared her notes and thoughts with me which I found really helpful and they’ve been great to refer back to when I need a reminder and a nudge back in the right direction.

I would recommend working with Hana to people, like me, who work hard and want to succeed but whose thinking gets in the way of their clarity and confidence. Sometimes we all just need a mental re-boot and a reminder to look forwards with quiet confidence.”

Tash, Putney

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