Ready & waiting to be the lovely stranger in your life.

I’m Hana. A perfectly imperfect human… just like you.

I’m an overthinker, sometimes in recovery and sometimes not. And I’m sat here, on the other side of this screen, ready and waiting to be your Personal Mindset Coach.

I want to help you get out of your own head because I know being stuck in there on your own can really suck.

After the shock of a broken engagement back in 2005 I gradually descended a helter-skelter of navel gazing and negative self-talk which eventually landed me at my first experience of depression. (Note: in hindsight, the man in question was, in himself, not a big loss but the shattered dream of living happily ever after shook me to the core.)

Other stressful times (the volume of decision making associated with renovating a house was an interesting look in 2012) combined with ongoing and repeated dissatisfaction in my work life led to bouts two, three and four of persistent and prolonged low mood.

I only ever took two days off work but I’ve spent many many days just functioning while hoping for some miracle that might make me feel better about myself and my life.

It took several years of talking therapy and self-study to realize that I was letting the voice inside my head run the show and that, in spite of being a pretty smart person (book smart not street smart I’m told), I still had some critical things to learn about myself.

Things like….how to step back and create space between my self and my thoughts, how to choose a different lens and the importance of finding the energy to take tiny steps into action.

I had to learn how to be kind to myself again and realize that I had the choice to view myself and the world from a different perspective.

Like I said, I’m far from perfect – I like to consider myself perfectly imperfect. A fascinatingly beautiful blend of light and dark. A lifetime’s worth of work in progress.

The biggest difference is that I’m now cool with that.

I’ve built absolute confidence in myself that, no matter what up’s and down’s come my way, I will most definitely be ok.

And, boy, is that a giant bundle of liberation, empowerment and, best of all, comfort. It’s quite frankly priceless.

But it took me longer than I would’ve liked to learn what I needed to know and it’s a bit of a shame that I had to have several goes on the ride before it all started to sink in.

So now, rather than keeping it all to myself, I’d love the opportunity to share with you what I know and guide you on your journey.

What drove me to make the huge decision to quit the corporate world was the chance to make a tangible contribution to something that’s really important to me and which makes a small but significant difference to someone else.

I wanted to create something I’m proud of, that felt like me and that people connect with precisely because of that……and that’s how I find myself here talking to you.

I think you are fascinating and I’m on a quest to work with as many interesting thinkers as I can get my hands on.

Want to know even more about me?

Am I fixed? Absolutely not.

Because I was never broken.

Here are a few words clients have used about me…

Background & Qualifications

I think my USP’s as a coach are that…

I’ve been where you are right now – I get you & I got you

I have a knack of being able to extract the essence and the juice from people

I’m smart and my brain works in a logical way which will help bring you clarity

I create a space which balances safety, support, challenge and growth

I’m willing to make an effort for you (hence my investment in the follow up email)

I try to make it fun (at least some of the time)

But I also get that you need to know a bit more than that to feel safe sharing your stuff with me, so here are some other things about me which might matter:

What I’ve Done:

Why it Matters:

BSc Economics, Bristol University, 2:1 I got some book smarts.
12 years working for Deloitte in both Audit (yes I’m an accountant, ACA no less) and HR, reached Director level shortly before leaving in 2014 I know what it’s like to be part of and navigate the corporate machine. Oh, and I can add up.
2 years working for a large energy company I know what it’s like to be in the wrong place.
Results Coaching Systems accredited Coach (RCS is accredited by the ICF) I understand why & how coaching can make a difference to you.
Qualified Mental Health First Aider I know both the difference and the connection between feeling stuck and mental ill health.
Hundreds of hours of real coaching experience I’ve learnt so much more than books could have ever taught me from being on the journey with a lot of amazing clients.

Want to know more about me? Watch this.

Ready to do this?

Here’s how we can start our journey together:

The First Step

A 90 min session

A quick but firm boost into action

The Journey

4 x 90 min sessions

A reflective safari to get curious, explore you & make change

The Giant Leap

VIP day + 3 session follow up

Let’s go deep & get up to our elbows in you

“I first came across Hana when I was stuck in a bit of a rut with life. Got a job, got a handful of kids, a house and everything was ticking along…nothing was wrong, but the future didn’t look or feel… ‘planned’. I felt like I was trundling along, wasn’t taking any control of anything and couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

The first time I met Hana was a bit of a revelation. I’m a busy mum with a full time job and kids to feed: nobody ever asks about me!

I really started to examine what my priorities were – for me and for my family, both in the short and the long term.

Nothing has really changed on the outside but I’ve noticed my mindset completely changing as I’ve spent more time with Hana – I’ve learnt to let go more easily, acknowledge the things I’m good at (and not feel bad about feeling good about that) and how to break things down into bite-sized pieces.

Talking to Hana has been a very positive experience for me. She has a wonderful, positive energy, she’s insightful, hugely supportive and she doesn’t judge.

She encouraged me to view my life through a slightly different lens, and I’m very grateful for that. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone – whether you’re looking to make a real step-change in life or just need a new perspective, Hana is immensely helpful.”

Ciara, Wadsworth

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